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App Market

Hi Everyone Sorry to be a pain, yet again, but could anybody please tell me how to remove an app from the App Market Many Thanks

cogi-like app for Android Wear - Android

I just tried out Cogi for Android. It's a pretty slick app with a feature that it doesn't always record but it's always listening (when a session is in progress). So if you hear something that you want to remember or... cogi-like app for Android Wear

Color Switch Rush [NEW] [THE BEST] - Android

DOWNLOAD LINK: -You must follow your color -Do not touch other color -You can touch only yellow color and rainbow color -Play for fun (free) Features: -One touch control -Tap long for long jumping -Tap... Color Switch Rush [NEW] [THE BEST]

Boost new deals, - Android

Did anyone else get this new deals text, blah blah blah, but says Hotspot is now included all plans

Connecting an Android Phone to Android Netbook - Android

Hi everyone. I've got a project on the go which has reached a point where I need advice from more experienced people. I hope you can help. I've installed Android x86 on a netbook, so it works as a tablet with a 64Gb drive, wifi, bluetooth etc, but no mobile data connection. This will be... Connecting an Android Phone to Android Netbook


first time posting and i did it 3 times, sorry. Wont happen again

kodi - Phoenix stream

Hello, I was looking to a movie with phoenix live stream. I thought ( it looks like ) that the movie was zoomed in, is there a standard config for this? Regards, Doser.

Android - Android - Stuck in Sending Mode (Galaxy S4)

Android - Android - Better to keep frequently used apps on the Android device or move them to an external microSD card?

Android - Android - LTE maximum movement speed?

Google play store freezes with download - Android

I have a lg l70 and i try downloading or updating apps but it gets stuck certain apps get stuck on a certain number like cm locker it gets stuck at 64% and then after a while it says installing and the it just stops the download and i have to download update it again same with downloading apps i... Google play store freezes with download

System ROM Upgrade Help - Android

My tablet is currently running 4.4, and I did some research regarding a possible upgrade. I ended up finding out my hardware specs meet the requirements to upgrade to 5.1. But I can't figure out where I need to go to actually download the ROM, or even how to install it, for that matter. Does... System ROM Upgrade Help

10bit 1080p mkv playback?

I have a few 10bit 1080p mkv encodes and I was wondering if its possible to play them on my x8-h plus. I have tried previously with mxplayer and its very choppy and the picture has purple and green artifacts all over the screen.

FLIRC on minix?

Hi, I have a flirc, but it does not seem to work, e.g. I cant use it to wake up the device has anyone had any luck? could be nice to be able to use any remote and to be able to place the minix out of sight.

Android - Android - USB connection options won't show in the status bar

metropcs/tmobile marshmallow update - Android

Has anyone on a mpcs or tmo variant received the 6.0 ota? Its been confirmed that it'll be released but obviously it hasnt happened as quickly for us as it has boost/sprint etc customers.

Honor 5X receives January security update ahead of launch - Android

The Honor 5X isn't even available yet and the device is already receiving the January security update. Users will be able to buy the phone later this month knowing it's fully up to date. Android... Honor 5X receives January security update ahead of launch

Transfer pictures to PC - Android

Hi - I am new to smart phones but I am not completely naive about PCs. I have a Moto G3 running marshmellow and I would like to transfer pictures to my PC. The pictures (a couple of hundred in 4 different albums) are stored on a micro sd card. I have installed the Motorola device manager on... Transfer pictures to PC

Splash Screen with Layout?

Why are all the examples not using a layout? I tried converting my bitmap-only splash screen using this as an example: The background image loads due to style definitions, but the layout does not load. Removing background from style only gives me default themed blank window. Activity: [Activity(Theme = "@style/Theme.Splash", MainLauncher = true, NoHistory = true)] p

Ever since I installed CyanogenMod on my phone the battery has been terrible..

So I installed CyanogenMod on my M7 like a week ago.Ever since I did that, the battery life has decreased A LOT.Before it, I used to go through 2 full days and be left with like 5-10%..Now I barely survive 1 day with 15%..And just ovet night I use over 10% and everything that can be, is off..Did I make a mistake by going to CM?Anyone has any help? thanks.. submitted by randomseller [link] [2 comments]

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