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Capture when the back button is pressed

Hi, I need to display a message to the user if they have unsaved changes on a form when they press the back button in the navigation bar. So far I have not found any documentation on capturing this event.

How can I convert pages so I can print out from a windows pc at my job?

I am writing a book on pages on my macbook pro as I work abroad, I have a possibility to print a few sheets out at my job on their pc, I have it on a usb, but it doesn´t open the written pages when I press open in that computer. It presents different items although the only thing on the usb are the written pages. I see no option come up as to convert it into anything. But when I have been to the library there is no problem even if theirs also is a pc, only the cost is very high there.

How can I put a code on my tv to get programs

I was able to connect HBOgo to my Ipad and IPhone but not my TV. I can see the icon but It won't connect.

New York Times offers iPhone and iPad users deep discounts on their digital subscription

The New York Times is currently running a pretty good promotion on digital subscriptions through its iOS app, with the best deal netting a full year of access for $120. Full story from the iMore Blog...

buying a used Apple TV - anything I need to know?

what are the caveats, if any, of buying a used Apple TV 3? does the previous owner need to release it from their account? are there liens against s for unpaid iTunes purchases? Any advice would be welcome. Since the ATV4 came out, ATV3's are a good buy, used, and all I need is a box to AirPlay with an iPad thanks

New music on iTunes: Megadeth's Dystopia, new 90s album deals, and more

Every Friday, the iTunes Store adds new music to its lineup. This week, there's a new album from Megadeth, even more 90s hits, and pre-orders for Iggy Pop's new album. Full story from the iMore Blog...

How can I connect my IPhone to my Samsung Smart TV?

I want to connect my IPhone to my Samsung Smart TV wirelessly without downloading any special apps. Is there a way to do this?

Ipod touch blutooth connect with Powerbeats 2 will not toggle tracks.

Blutooth connected my Powerbeats 2 just fine. Loud up and down, pause works fine. But I cannot toggle to next track or back. Any ideas? The Powerbeats 2 work perfectly with my Ipad Air.

Apple Pay gains support from another 55 U.S. banks and credit unions

Apple Pay has gained support from another 55 banks and credit unions in the U.S. Full story from the iMore Blog...

What does portrait orientation mean

My iPad won't charge. Does this have anything to do with it?

main idea of development of iphones

need some help

Looking for an App checkin & checkout

Hello; I am looking for an app, can somebody help me. I need my vendor to do justa click and the app need to send me the time and location of my vendor. any suggestions? thanks

Determining End of UITableView Populating

I need to determine the point at which a UITableView completes adding all its rows after its Source is assigned or after ReloadData () is called. This is because I need to immediately carry out some post processing once the rows have been loaded. Is there an event which will do this for me. I have looked at UITableView and UITableViewDelegate and can't see anything obvious.

ExternalAccessory InputStream.Read

Hi, I took an old test project (1 month ago) that comunicate with a Bluetooth module not LE with ExternalAccessory class. Now the istruction InputStream.Read return always empty array. As you can understand what's going on ? Thanks in advice.

ERROR: GetBuiltProjectOutputRecursive does not exist in the project

Is anyone else seeing this error? The target "GetBuiltProjectOutputRecursive" does not exist in the project. MyProject.iOS I found someone on StackOverflow with the same issue, but seriously, who has time for all that?

how do I add phone numbers to my contacts

I have entered contacts in my phone but how do I add phone numbers?

Can I change my Verizon plan at the Apple Store?

I'm a Verizon customer but have always purchased my iPhone (on contract) at the local Apple Store. It is time to get another phone but this time I also wish to change my Verizon plan. Can this be done at the Apple Store as well?

Phone wont turn on how to fix this

The iPhone 3GS will not charge or turn on how do I manually factory reset

Why can't I send a text (SMS) message on my iphone 6sPlus

I can receive a text-SMS and MMS but I can't reply because nothing happens when I press send

Tim Cook gets private audience with Pope Francis

Apple CEO Tim Cook was able to get an audience with Pope Francis at the Vatican on Friday. The topic of the short meeting is unknown at this time. Full story from the iMore Blog...

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