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Best place to obtain a Windows 8.1 Pro download?

I've just purchased a key, but am now needing to obtain Windows 8.1 Pro. Next I'll use rufus to make a bootable USB to install W8.1PRO on my brand new SSD. Is it even possible to use the recovery that I've created from my HP laptop of 8.1 to install it on my AW with the new key? Or would there be HP crap in the recovery files that I've made? Can someone link me to the best / trusted place to download a bare bone Windows 8.1 Pro? Is there such thing as as bare bone strippe

Why You Need To Embrace Windows 10 Sooner Than Later

If there was a single message that Microsoft and its partners wanted to make clear during the 2016 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) it’s that consumers and enterprise customers won’t be able to keep using previous versions of Windows like they used to. Microsoft is determined to make Windows as efficient and secure as possible, and that means working closer than ever with silicon partners like Intel, AMD, Nvidia and Qualcomm to ensure that Windows 10 takes full advantage of... Why

Samsung Series 5 - NP550P5C Thread

​ Strangely there wasn't any thread for owners of NP550P5C series, so here it is. Got mine, i7 version, last Sunday from local dealer, luckily he had it in stock so got it at once. Specifications: - Intel Core i5(3210M)/i7(3610QM), NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 2GB DDR3, 6GB/8GB DDR3 RAM 1600MHz, 1TB S-ATAⅡ HDD, 39.62cm (15.6) SuperBright 300nit HD+ LED Display (1,600x900), Blu-Ray Drive,... Samsung Series 5 - NP550P5C Thread

Carrying lipo batteries in your carry-on baggage

I'm planning to fly back home to deal with my family estate and want to bring my Q500 4K with me. I have at total of four batteries (two Yuneec 5400mAh and two Venom 6000mAh). All of them will be packed away in a fire proof bag with tape covering the connectors. Someone posted a video online talking about his new DJI and that TSA will allow you to have as many 5400mAh batteries to carry on the plane but if its more than 5400mAh, you're only allowed just two to carry. Is that true? I�

Schematic/Photos of Gimble Board

I forgot I had these photos that Yuneec sent me after a conversation. Might come in handy some day.

17 R3 has USB-C/thunderbolt port so...

Does that mean the Razer Core housing may work? Being as it uses a standard port instead of the custom one Alienware uses it feels like it would make more sense to use that instead as it may have more longevity. If the 17 R4 drops the Alienware port for something else, or you buy another brand laptop that has USB-C, it won't matter as long as the machine still has the standard USB-C port the Razer Core would still work with it.

Asus N550JK - Overclocked

Asus N550JK - Overclocked Price: $760 USD shipped or best offer Condition: Used Warranty: None Reason for sale: No longer needed Payment: PayPal Item location: Austin, Texas, United States Shipping: Local pickup, Postal service International shipping: No Handling time: Ships within next business day of receiving cleared payment Feedback: eBay Feedback... Asus N550JK - Overclocked

POLL: Skin Wraps

Can't decide which one to choose. Will see what you all think. 1) Flames View attachment 2072 2) Old time war plane View attachment 2073

Sager NP9390 GPU heatsink?

Hi I am purchasing a Clevo P375sm in in just a couple days if I get to it first. I'm trying to find a GTX 8XXM-9XXM GPU heatsink and I can't find any. Where would I find one. Please help me. Thank you and God bless.

Is There Really a Surfacegate?

Thurrott fires a nuke across Microsoft's bow: https://www.thurrott.com/mobile/microsoft-surface/64095/welcome-to-surfacegate I'm already on record for questioning the big October reveal as bordering on a lie because they had to know the video drivers were crap, connected standby doesn't work, and the SB clipboard was not reliable when it was removed and replaced (never had so many BSOD's and crashes since Windows for Workgroups 3.1). But is it really as fraudulent as... Is

Speed improvements, feedback please!

Dear users, For anyone with a little interest in technology, I would like to share the next step of the forum in terms of speeding up loading times, download speeds and over forum experience. At the moment I am implementing the use of an CDN (Content Delivery Network). What is a CDN? A content delivery network or content distribution network (CDN) is a large distributed system of servers deployed in multiple data centers across the Internet. The goal of a CDN is to serve content to... Speed

aeroworks H920 review

TurboBoost for SmartGesture Fix?

Can someone tell me what the driver version is that you have if you do not have the turbo boost problem where smart gesture triggers turboboost for 5+ seconds? So my UX303LN system was plagued by the bug whereby using the two finger scroll would kick the CPU up to the max 2.9 GHz clock speed in turbo mode for 5+ seconds after I stopped scrolling, which means it was almost always on turbo boost while surfing the web.At some time after I upgraded in place to Win10 Home the problem went away....

help: cannot sending windows live mail (Error Ox800cccoe )

I am running windows 10 and have just stared to have problems sending mail on Windows Live Mail. The following error message comes up Server 'mail.inet.fi' windows live mail error O800cccOE protocol SMTP port 25 secure (ssl) No socket error 10013 Can anyone tell me how to fix this problem please

After Laptop Dell Inspiron 7720 dissambly RAM is not recognized

Hi, I have laptop Dell Inspiron 17 7720. Yesterday I dissablied it in order to replace electricity wire. It worked and computer turns on properply. But after I assemblied it, I have following issues: 1. RAM is not recognized (I did not take RAM out during assembly) 2. Wireless is not recognized (I pluged out wires during assembly and pluged in) 3. Audio is not recognized (I pluged out wire during assembly and pluged in) For now I have problematic situation as I cannot take laptop...

GTA 5: Low Resolution Mod ?

where to download the best mod for this ?

Ransomeware protection at 20% off

The newest threat against the PC ecosystem is ransomware. Protect your PC and your data from being targeted by ransomware using WIMBoot disk compression technology: WIMBoot Insures Against Ransomware: All data on any compressed disk is fundamentally safe from ransomware. Lock-Down Your PC Image: The exact state of your PC is stored intact in a single WIM file after WIMBoot disk compression. WIMBoot Is Incorruptible: Even if ransomware tries to change files on disk, it... Ransomeware protecti

Clevo P150em dead? - try to upgrade/repair or buy new?

Hi everyone, like many other users here, I was/am part of the Clevo P150em + Radeon 7970M wave. Despite some difficulties in the beginning I actually never had any major problems since 3-4 years... until now. Starting approx. 1 1/2 weeks ago my system suddenly shut down without any further notice. Not a classic shutdown, it simply turned off as if the power was gone. No bluescreen, no freeze or anything. When restarting it sometimes worked fine for a couple of minutes / hours, sometimes... C

cgo2 and cgo2+ HELP! recording problems

Hey guys, need abut of help! I have the q500 and have 2 cameras... One cgo2 and cgo2+. They both are giving me problems. The picture is perfect on FPV when in not recording but as soon as I start recording the picture becomes jittery, freezes, skips frames etc. Not a big problem for me until I found out the receding to the SD cards are the same! Same freezing, jittery and skipping frames always trying to catch up. Thought it was the camera and went and bought the cgo2+ only to find it does... c

BSOD after ram upgrade visipro 2gb

I have icore 3 asus x45c with 2gb memory onboard, and recently i add 2gb more , ddr3 1600 hz visipro, all doing fine when start, but when memory usage reach more than 2gb it shows bsod (blue screen of death). I;ve check that x45c do support 1333/1600 , don't know what the prblm

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