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Basic4ppc: Compiling error CS0012

Hi, I'm an beginner in writing source codes in basic. When I tried to compile my codes, I received an error message of error CS0012 as per below: View attachment 39725 Did anyone encountered this? Do you have any idea of solving this issue? Thanks!

Checking if object already initialized

I'm having issues with a Windows Mobile app using several forms and an SQLite database. I have a product details form which navigates to a product search form with a Listview control. Everything works fine the first time I show the form, but the Listview control does not seem to refresh on subsequent searches (close form and then show again). The problem is when I initialize the listview in the event. Code: Sub frmSearch_Show    lvSearch.New1("frmSe

Send clipboard text as key stokes.

Hi, I have a Raspberry Pi set to run Ubuntu Mate. I have it to load X11 VNC server. I use an Android 7 inch tablet with a VNC client running so the Raspberry can be viewed on a 7 inch screen. I also run a VNC clients on my HTC Mantle hand held computer and I use this with it's stylus on it's small screen to create a comfortable wireless keyboard for the Raspberry Pi. The VNC client programs on the Mantle do not have menu items for sending text from the client's clipboard to the V

Erel you plans to launch B4W (Basic for WINDOWS PHONE)?

Erel you plans to launch B4W (Basic for WINDOWS PHONE)?

buy Basic4PPC

How can i buy Basic4PPC to develop Windows mobile apps? How much does it cost? Thanks Marco

HELP with registration process

Hi all HELP PLEASE! I had to install my xp sys again. Now B4ppc 6.9 gives me trouble again, what can i do to so my email add. will be accepted again. It is a valid email add. An error has occurred during the registration process. Invalid email address.

Unknown email address

Hi i had to redo my Notebook. Installing basic4PPC new, and running it gives me this error MSG. UNKNOWN EMAIL ADDRESS. How can this be fixt please ? An error has occurred during the registration process. Error message: Invalid email address. I installed Version 6.90 and my email Add is the same as had been before. Need a bit of help Please. Version 6.80 I have no Problem with the email addess, but with Version 6.90 there seems to be a Problem. @ Mr. Erel. How can we fix this? Edit: Problem.

Desperate to find an application. Can anyone help.

Hi I am trying to get hold of the PocketPutty application for my HTC Mantle. The downlink link on the SurgeForce and other websites doesn't connect to the original PocketPutty site any more. It seems to be taken over by a Japanese owner with unrelated material to PocketPutty. Also other web sites claiming to have the application for download have just filled up my computer with unwanted maleware. Does anyone know where there is a safe down load for the application. It is open source under

Error when Adding Component (dll)

Hello All, I have tried to add Cassia 2.0 (cassia.dll) to a completely new, empty test program. When I click OK, the following error occurs: Basic4PPC An error occurred. Item has already been added. Key in dictionary: 'NamespaceDoc' Key being added: 'NamespaceDoc' Cassia is a .Net API for getting Terminal Server Session information. Why I am trying this is because using the Terminal Server Timeout Policy wrecks havoc with compiled B4PPC programs; it terminates the session

cs1026: ) expected error ... All of Sudden

Do you know why it complains about error CS1026: ) expected all of sudden? It was working fine and I already distribute this program on Windows Mobile machine. My client is using the program happily. My client wants to change a small portion. So, I opened the program in a long time and compiled but, CS1026 or CS1025 error occurred all of sudden. I thought it caused by my changes, so I restored the original code and compile but it still occurs errors. I don't know what causes. Please help.

Application Win CE 6.0

Hello, i have a old application made with B4PPC that runs on mobile devices Datalogic Memor with Windows CE 5.0 without problems. Now i have installed it on a new Memor Xe with CE 6.0 and get the following error-message: An error ocurred on sub __sqlwork_sqlinit (this is my Sub where i init the Database) Cant found an Entry point 'sqlite3_open_interop' in a PInwoke.dll 'System.Data.SQLite.DLL' have somebody an idea what is wrong ?? All files are the same i... Ap

Wish:Find again

I'd like to see a shortcut key or something for "find again" - which searches for what you searched for last time, so I don't have to keep entering the same things over and over.

ComboBox Value

Hi Erel, I have a form with several fields, some of these fields use ComboBox's to limit the choice to the user. I would like to be able to get the value from each ComboBox and the rest of the controls when the user clicks the finish button. At present there appears to be two methods of doing this... 1) Use the SelectionChanged event on each ComboBox to obtain and store the value/text in a Global variable until the finish button is pressed. 2) On pressing the finish button, look at the...


Can you make the .color readable on the spinner? Currently it is write only. I need to check the color of spinner.

CHM Encoding/Decoding Library

CHM Encoding/Decoding A .chm compiling library that can be merged in your code to implement, say, "Save as CHM" function. Is it technically possible with Basic4PPC (as long as we have this: Microsoft's HTML Help (.chm) format, for instance)?

IDE Date Format

Hi All, Please can the IDE show dates in the locale format of the users PC? For example the "File Saved", date time shows 2/1/2012 8:15:03 AM [m/d/yyyy h:mm:ss AM/PM] but for my locale would be better as 01/02/2012 08:15:03 [dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss] Thanks for your consideration regards SeaCay

PC IDE Designer improvements

I hope that other users would concur with these suggestions... First and simplest: I find the yellow outlining of controls when selecting several using Cntrl-click is too hard to discern. Could a darker colour, e.g. green, be used instead? I have tried using full-size panels in one form to avoid having multiple forms (and having to replicate the menus; see other recent threads). But then it is too hard to navigate around them. We already have a listing of controls in the RH pane but it is...

Can labels become clickable?

Can labels become clickable (as in good old VB)? They make nice flat buttons

SQLite Update for B4P

Hello Erel, is it possible do get an Update of the B4P SQLite.dll ? Version 3.7.4 for example would be more compatible to Androids SQlite and datatransfer to a B4P Desktop Application should be easier. Best regards berndgoedecke

wish DesktopOnly.dll update

I wish OpenDialogEx could multiselect files and/or directories in future. More and more users use b4p on desktop only. For with it you could develop an useful application very quickly and easy for the sake of many useful dlls. Thanks

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