phone unlocking policy (text message)

Posted on 31-08-2015 3:30 in Mobile

phone unlocking policy (text message)

This is what I got today on my straight talk phone. (via text message)

Straight talk msg: We have updated our Phone unlocking policy. Please visit for more details or call 1-888-877-3729

Just thought I would share this with you guys. Have a great day.

5 Answers

#23 - 04-Sep-2015 17:19

Please tell me what I have to do or not

#25 - 07-Sep-2015 17:34

why did I get this message about unlock my phone. can I get a new phone.

#29 - 19-Sep-2015 19:09

I been trying to unlock my phone again today and its still locked

#30 - 19-Sep-2015 19:11

Having trouble unlocking my phone what steps can I take to help me unlock it

#47 - 03-Oct-2015 4:17

Having trouble unlocking my phone what I need to do

Sorry, your answer is too short !

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