screen dims, brightens regardless of windows settings

Posted on 27-08-2015 22:55 in Mobile

screen dims, brightens regardless of windows settings

i got my t100ta for $65.00 because it had no charger. a local pawn shop gave me a deal.
anyhow, ive noticed the screen tends to briefly dim and then become bright again at times upon screen taps/presses or rotating the device.
it generally is random and i cant fix this in windows settings (changed auto brightness etc).

is this a known issue? ive not noticed if this was a windows 8.1 problem but i upgraded same day to 10.

worst case a bad digitizer? im sure there is no warranty left on this.

edit - definately happens when i apply pressure to the left side when in landscape mode, when tje wi dows key and volume button are upper left, screen faces me, and dock on bottom.

not a ton of pressure.

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Sorry, your answer is too short !

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